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B2B Website Inspiration: Awesome Sites

The right B2B website design makes all the difference when converting visitors into buyers. In this post, we’ll share the best B2B website design examples we’ve ever seen, then dive into three tips for building your site.

By the end, you’ll be able to create a site that drives conversions and keeps buyers coming back. Let’s get started.

B2B Website Design Examples

  1. Blake Envelopes
  2. Pixelgrade
  3. Reputation squad
  4. Evernote
  5. Dropbox
  6. Shopper
  7. HubSpot
  8. Orbital Sidekick
  9. Trello
  10. Hootsuite
  11. Yapstone
  12. Grammarly
  13. Acme
  14. Mailchimp
  15. Packlane
  16. HireLevel
  17. Netbase Quid
  18. Square

With many great B2B website design examples, we’ve curated a list of stand-out sites.

Blake Envelopes

Are envelopes exciting? Not really, but you wouldn’t know it from the Blake Envelope website. The colors are vibrant, the envelopes are everywhere, and the site conveys a sense of movement that encourages you to want to click through and see exactly what they offer. Of course, that’s exactly what you want from a B2B business.


Pixelgrade clarifies what they’re about: Offering plain WordPress themes to help everyone get their website up and working quickly. There are no extraneous data here — they state their value for money and offer a direct link to browse the themes they offer.

Reputation Squad

Reputation management is essential to online success for organizations. If companies can see what customers say about them, they could see critical improvement opportunities.

Reputation Squad helps businesses track their worth online with a proper monitoring system. Going through their portal gives the feeling they’re working in the future; backgrounds keep changing places and shift as you head down their page, and the content is created in such a way that’s easy to view, read, and contextualize.


Evernote is familiar with the B2B business space, but their site goes on to make it properly clear what they are good at. Taming the work and organizing your work by making it smooth for you to make outlines and keep schedules. Even more important is their aim to help you “remember everything,” which suggests this isn’t just a single-function solution but a multipronged performance tool.


The five “S’s” here quickly communicate what Dropbox is about. Not only can you keep and sync files, but you can easily share these things and even add eSignatures. That is just about it. That is the value proposition. No pretty graphics, without beating around the bush — just going straight to the point about how they can help.


Shepper is all about gathering data. And not all kinds of data — the data you let them know you need to gather and analyze. This could be product or marketing information or data related the overall user experience. No matter what information you need or where it’s stored worldwide, Shepper can help.


We’ll admit it. We’re also great at this B2B business stuff. We are going to be modest — you are going to notice HubSpot is not the first one on the list — but our site makes it clear what we offer: An easy-to-use CRM that can streamline your present processes and better the way you do things. With both free and paid options, you’re in good hands with HubSpot.

Orbital Sidekick

Orbital Sidekick delivers information from space to help government and commercial organizations meet their goals around environmental, social, and governance objectives. Using what’s known as “hyperspectral analysis” from a fleet of satellites, Orbital Sidekick gives companies the data they need to make decisions on demand.


Trello is a collaboration platform designed to improve operations. Given the growing number of these things on the market — and the reality that some hinder more than improve things — Trello clarifies that no matter where or how groups prefer to work, the solution can assist teams in moving forward.


Hootsuite’s tagline is super nice: “Social is your superpower.” Coupled with an image of a girl seemingly taking off into the sky and backed by familiar social images and icons, it’s clear immediately that Hootsuite is all about helping users get the best out of social media channels.


It’s a hilarious name with a great B2B business angle: Local payment for global businesses. Not only does this tagline provide a sense of confidence and familiarity, but it also manages to simultaneously suggest that Yapstone can help B2B businesses power their payment platform anywhere.


Grammarly cuts to the chase to showcase what it does best: Detecting and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes. An animated image takes users through a quick demonstration of what Grammarly offers, clarifying what people will get when they download and use the app.


Acme automates large warehouse operations. The sepia tones of this platform, combined with warehouse pictures and a clear message about what Acme does, leave no room for misinterpretation. If you’re their target audience, you’ll click through. If not, you’ll leave.


Email platform Mailchimp is known to all and sundry for its work in marketing emails, and its website makes it clear that the platform’s goal is to grow both its B2B business audience and profits with the help of automated tools and expert advice. Intending to outperform your last campaign, it’s a solid pitch for B2B business sales.


Consumers want more than just great products. They want great packaging that is interesting, fun to open, and (ideally) environmentally sustainable. Packlane lets companies create custom packaging and boxes that best suit their products and provides instant quoting to help companies quickly decide.


HireLevel very clearly defines what they do. Need a job? They can help. Looking to improve workplace management? They’ve got services to bridge the gap.

Netbase Quid

Netbase Quid is all about user and market intelligence. The nine colored tabs on the homescreen makes it clear just how they can better things, from tracking brand health to delivering trend analytics to improving crisis management.


Square is a payment platform that immediately prompts customers to start as a first step to entering the site. Upon landing on the home page, it’s the first — and nearly only — thing a visitor encounters. That information allows Square to offer customers a much more customized web experience.

How to Build a Better B2B Website Design

  1. Make your website about the customer — not about you.

After reviewing hundreds of B2B websites designed across all major industries, we found only a handful that purposefully invites customers into a conversation. To do that, suppliers need to stop talking so much about themselves.

Rather, they should allow customers to share who these companies and what they want to do.

It is not any different from common courtesy at a work party. No one wishes to be stuck talking to the one going on about who they are and what they do. Yet that’s precisely what most B2B website designs do.

  1. Emphasize your customers’ outcomes.

Just as the best websites lure people into a conversation, they also manage buyers to supplier solutions making use of the language of customer outcomes — as opposed to supplier capabilities.

The best enterprises take the time out to understand the specific B2B business objectives customers seek to achieve, then organize their sites using language immediately recognizable to customers along those particular outcomes. That way, customers don’t have to translate.

  1. Help people do what they are on the site to do.

Finally, the best portals identify and then help with the specific tasks that customers come to the website to complete.

Take something like a cost calculator embedded directly into a website. A tool like that enables customers to independently calculate the costs of (in)action rather than relying on sales reps to make a case for change. It’s a simple, practical idea, but it’s deployed with a single-minded purpose: to allow the buyer to easily progress along the journey while remaining in her preferred channel.

Building a Better B2B Website Design

There’s a great deal to be gauged from the handful of world-class websites we found. But building a better B2B business site is all about giving buyers an easy entry point and communicating your solutions in a language they can wrap their heads around. This is while making it simple for them to do what they want.



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